`WRATH :AEON OF RUIN- 3d Realms, Slipgate Ironworks (Composer for the trailer) 

CIRCLE EMPIRES 2 RIVALS - Iceberg Interactive, Luminous (Composer)

KILLING FLOOR 2 - Tripwire Interactive (Composer) 
DIVINE INTERVENTION - Anapp Games (Composer, Sound Designer) 

CIRCLE EMPIRES- Iceberg Interactive, Luminous(Composer) 

TALES OF GALAXY 34 - Douglas Burton (Composer) 

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY - Wonder Games Studios (Composer) 

DEEP INERTIA - Picklock Games (Composer) 

FLAPPY ASTRONAUT - Indie (Composer) 

 SNOWEE - Indie (Composer)


Countdown Trailer - music and sound design - STX Entertainment

INTO THE ETHER - Music Album for trailers - Score A Score
DIEVERGENCE 2 COVERED - Music album for trailers - Divergence Trailermusic

DIEVERGENCE 2 - Music album for trailers - Divergence Trailermusic
DREAD - Music album for trailers - Infrasound Trailer Music
WRATH: AEON OF RUIN - Custom Music
UNN - Music album for trailers - Short Story Collective
UNEASE - Music album for trailers - Redcola Music
THERMION - Music track for trailers - Redcola Music


ONLY A MOMENT - Short Film - Undrell Films 

 PRIME REVOLUTION SEASON 4 - Silverline Films/Sportsman Channel 

 SYKES - Short Film - Undrell Films 

 FACING INFINITUS - Documentary - Silverline Films